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Insurance Agent: Are you Ready?

Today approximately a third of the US population rents and by 2023 that number will grow another 45% according to some industry sources.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently stated “homeownership will continue to decline through 2025 while some 12.5 million net new households will be created, with half of these households renting“.

If true, then both the property management and investor real estate markets will also experience tremendous growth and the insurance professionals who recognize these industries will also have a great opportunity to grow with them.

So that’s why we ask you the question “Are you ready?” As an insurance professional, the income potential is significant IF you find the right insurance partner who comprehends the risk potential property managers and real estate investors face every day.

Arcana is that partner. Not only are we strong advocates for the specialized products and technology created by our team and underwriters for these type of customers and prospects; we’ve made many insurance agents successful by spending our human and monetary capital in building profitable and long term “books” of business together.

Please give us the opportunity to show you how Arcana leads the insurance industry through its great service, educational training, technology and customized insurance solutions for the property management and real estate investor markets. You will not be disappointed.

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