Builders Risk

Builders Risk

Our Builders Risk Program provides critical funding to quickly repair damages following a loss and gets your project back on track. Any project, any type of construction or location. Quote turnaround is within 48 hours.

Soft costs over and above the originally projected cost of construction incurred as a result of a covered loss to the insured property.


  • Interest on money borrowed to finance construction or repair.
  • Real Estate and Property taxes.
  • Architect, engineering and construction fees.
  • Legal and accounting fees.Advertising and promotional expenses.
  • Commission for renegotiation of leases.
  • Other expenses, if any, as may be specifically listed elsewhere in our policy.

Property Coverage

Coverage available for property undergoing the following Construction Operations, subject of the contract(s) described in the schedule:

  • Reconstruction
  • In the course of construction
  • Repairs
  • New Construction

Other Optional Features

  • Reconstruction
  • DIC Coverage
  • Gap Coverage
  • Flood and Earthquake
  • Transportation
  • Offsite Storage
  • Ordinance and Law / Demolition & Increased Cost of Construction
  • Foreign Countries
  • Pollution
  • Mold and Fungus Remediation