Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance: Specialized Knowledge makes a difference.

Ask our experts to explain your options before you buy flood insurance. Arcana’s flood coverage is placed through Certain Underwriters, Lloyd’s of London.

The Flood Insurance Act of 1994 states “a loan cannot be made on a property or a mobile home located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) unless it is covered for the term of the loan by flood insurance, and insurance coverage must be at least equal to the outstanding principal balance, the appraised value or the maximum limit of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies, whichever is less.”

Arcana’s flood program provides coverage for direct physical loss by or from the peril of flood.*


Program Highlights Include

  •  Packaged coverage for direct physical damage
  • Policy Coverage – Provisions follow the NFIP standard policy language
  • Coverage Limits – Residential $250,000/Commercial $500,000
  • Flood Zones – Coverage is available in all zones
  • Non-Participating Communities – Coverage provisions are the same as the NFIP standard policy
  • Excess Flood limits also available

* “All Risk” Coverage is subject to limitations and/or exclusions as set forth in the policy form.