Background Checks

Background Checks: Why Choose Arcana?

We are pleased to have established relationships with thousands of customers just like you. We understand that whether you have 1 or 1500 units, you need a screening company that will work with you to provide the solutions you need. We know you will have an excellent experience with us. We pride ourselves on providing the best information available, backed with a staff of educated Customer Service Representatives who know how to help you and are simply an e-mail or phone call away.


Our Products

  • Full Credit Report is a great tool to have when determining the financial risk involved with an applicant.The credit report comes from one of the three major credit bureaus, includes a FICO score and is available within our standard timeframe (1-2 business hours). It also includes a list of creditors, liens, suits, judgments and inquiries.The purpose of the onsite inspection is to verify your identity, the business identity and the permissible purpose for which you are pulling a consumer report. All users of consumer reports are subject to the federal rules listed in the FCR.
  • Tenant Scorecard, more importantly it makes a recommendation to “Pass,” “Fail” or “Conditionally Approve” the prospective tenant.A potential tenant may have too many collections to pass your screening criteria, so we will recommend that you “Conditionally Approve” them dependent on the applicant putting down a larger deposit.You will choose one of the three sets of Scorecard Criteria. One of the best benefits about the scorecard is that it allows you to set the same criteria for each applicant which helps keep you compliant with the Fair Housing laws.
  • Database Criminal Search, the Single State Criminal search provides criminal records from a single state while the Multi-State Criminal search provides records throughout the nation. The type of records that may be included are felonies and misdemeanors.Each state sets its own standards regarding the type of records that are available instantly so coverage varies from state to state.When records from a particular area are considered to be inadequate, we recommend a County Search.
  • Sex Offender Search, the Single State Sex Offender search is included with the Single State Criminal search, while the National Sex Offender search is included in the Multi-State Criminal search. When sex offender records are found, we will include the record, the details of the offense and in some cases, a picture of the offender.
  • SSN Verification, the Social Security Number Verification, also known as a Person Search, is used as a research tool in conjunction with the Multi-State Criminal Search. It lists names and addresses that have been associated with the Social Security Number within the last 10 years.
  • Eviction Search, the Single State Eviction search is tied to the Single State Criminal search,while the National Eviction search is tied to the Multi-State Criminal search. Any records found in either search will show the plaintiff that filed the eviction, when the eviction was filed and any court/judgment information available. Eviction records are pulled by name and verified by address.
  • Rent Guarantee provides a viable option for both landlords and tenants when other typical renting arrangements unavailable because of poor credit and/or the lack of a creditable co-signer. With rent guarantee contracts, Property managers are able to transfer high risk applicants’ rent payment obligations to a creditworthy third party and allows landlords to transfer tenant default risk with no additional cost to landlords.
  • Residential Verification, will help you get a better sense of how the applicant acts as a resident. If the applicant is currently renting, we will call the applicant’s landlord and ask a series of questions such as “Have you had any problems or complaints with the applicant?”, “Have any legal notices been served?” and “Would the applicant be eligible to re-rent?” If the applicant currently owns their home, we will either verify the mortgage on the credit report or contact the County Assessor’s Office to verify home ownership.
  • Employment Verification, will help you determine the applicant’s ability to pay the rent and whether or not the applicant was honest in their statements of wage, position and length of employment.If the information is received after the report has been closed, we will supplement the report and notify you of the updated results. Additional Verifications are $8.00 each.

1-20 $25 $30 $35 $40
21-50 $23 $28 $33 $38
51-100 $21 $26 $31 $36
101-300 $19 $24 $29 $34
301-500 $17 $22 $27 $32
501-800 $15 $20 $25 $30
801-1000 $13 $18 $23 $28
1000+ $11 $16 $21 $26

Full Credit Report X X X X
Single State Criminal X X X X
Single State Sex Offender X X X X
Single State Eviction X X X
Tenant Scorecard X X
Multistate Criminal X X
National Sex Offender X X
SSN Verification X X
National Eviction X X
Rent Guarantee X X
Residential OR Employment Verification X

Disclaimer / Disclosure

To obtain permissible purpose for tenant background screening, an application must be filled out with supporting documentation attached. Your submitted application will arrive in the email of a Compliance Officer, who will contact you within one business day to confirm FCRA compliance of your application before approval for account setup. Once approved, it takes one business day to activate your account and receive your secure login/password with instructions for ordering background reports via email.

Results for background screening reports take 1 to 2 hours to complete during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm MST. If a criminal search has a “hit”, there is potential criminal activity reported on your applicant. Any “hit” will have a required second verification at the county record source, for an additional fee of $6 + associated county fees.