Property Valuations

Property Valuations

We leverage our experience, expertise and resources to provide various technology-forward solutions to accommodate our diverse client base. Our valuations stimulate accuracy and confidence through innovation, incorporating proprietary validation methodology on aggregated data & analytics.


Delivering a higher form of accuracy to support diverse and evolving market conditions through integration with various data sources and proprietary validation methodology.


Creating stronger user confidence levels through a best-in-class technology platform to better identify and make strategic decisioning on risk & opportunity within the portfolio.


Continuing development of products and the platform / infrastructure to remaining at the forefront of industry & technology trends, as well as to close market gaps and product needs.


Our valuation products adopt unique automation methods with a robust management platform to provide immediate portfolio analytics with asset-level detail. Key product features include:
Asset Management Value Operational Value
  •  Risk & Opportunity Asset Identification
  •  Refined Workflow & Condition Flagging
  •  Portfolio & Asset Analytical Tools
  •  Refined Values thru Data Population
  •  Streamlined & Consistent Decisioning
  •  Accurate Data Transmission
  •  Enhanced QC thru Data Management
  •  Analyze & Compare Value over Time

Our Products

Product Features SMART BPO Appraisals Value Reconciliations Tax-Based Valuations Asset Strategy Reports
Valuation Portal with Asset Management Overlay X X X X X
As-Is and Repaired Value Determination X X X X
Multi-Tiered Quality Control Review X X X X X
Subject Property Comparison Analysis X X X X X
Subject Property and Comparable Mapping X X
PDF and Data Delivery Options X X X X X
Risk and Opportunity Identification X X X X
Asset Manager Analysis and Narrative X X
Rental Data Addendum and/or Narrative X X X X
Marketing Forecasting X X X
Physical Condition Inspection and Assessment X X
County and Assessor Data Analysis X X X X
Photo Addendum X X X