Property Managers Program

Property Managers: You Have Risk

What you hear advertised on radio and TV about renting or managing residential or commercial properties and reality are two different worlds. The life of a property manager is far more complicated than what’s advocated over the airwaves. Every day property managers face all types of business issues including bed bugs in the carpet, mold behind the dishwasher, tenants without insurance, vetting contractors, property inspections, tax authorities, and uninsured property losses impacting rental income and property management fees. Now add flood losses in areas that “never flood”, tenant discrimination and harassment, so-called service animals chewing up the wallboard or biting a guest, and tenant’s moving out and not paying their last month’s rent. Every one of these issues impacts financial returns to the investor and your ability as a property manager to build your business.

Making the wrong insurance decision also impacts your reputation and your company. Choosing an insurance agent who lacks the knowledge of identifying the risk potential associated with this industry and purchasing insurance based on a “good deal” could put you out of business. Arcana through its twenty plus years’ experience in this space, along with its underwriting companies and technology, delivers the proper coverages, price points and efficiencies to enhance your profitability while mitigating uninsured losses.


Program Highlights Include

  • Multiple Limits and Deductibles Available – Lower Than Traditional Companies.
  • No Underwriting, Background Checks, Loss History.
  • Additional Living Expenses & Damage to Other’s Property Included.
  • Loss of Income Due to Tenant Skips.
  • Insufficient Security Deposit to Cover Excessive Damage (Tenant or Pet).
  • Fungi, Bacteria and Bed Bug Remediation.
  • Broader Definition of Wrongful Discrimination.
  • Covers Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
  • Broad Definition of “Tenant” – Prospect, Individual, Group with Standing.
  • Automatic Coverage for Additional Properties.
  • Special Pricing at or Below Market Equivalent.
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