Acquisition Services: Preserve and enhance value in tradition.

Professional planning and management of insurance programs involved in the purchase or sale of a business can add tremendous value, not only to the transaction, but also to the surviving entity in merger and acquisition scenarios. Arcana Insurance Services provides the experience and expertise you need to strategically negotiate the process for long-term benefit.

Our Process Includes :

  • Bind the portfolio immediately and provide coverage on ALL collateralized loans that qualify for our insurance.
  • This includes all rolling stock, improved real estate, and properties in flood and earthquake zones.
  • Arcana is willing to provide personnel at the time of acquisition to audit the loan files for insurance verification and proper documentation.
  • If we receive all the files electronically prior to our arrival, our staff will do an insurance audit to confirm the following :
    • a.Insurance Company
    • b. Effective and Expiration Date
    • c. Admitted or Non-admitted
    • d. Insufficient Coverages
    • e. Flood Required
    • f. Mortgagee Clause
  • Interview current insurance staff and make recommendations to impact budget.
  • Review current insurance provider processes and coverage offering to their borrowers.
  • Work with the team to outline new insurance procedures with loan servicing staff and loan officers.
  • Transition insurance function to our outsource facility through announcements to the various insurance company providers.
  • Put the ORE schedule out to bid between our various companies. In a soft market, you can expect significant savings.
  • Work with the P & C provider on their corporate coverages to eliminate any gaps.