Landlord Supplemental Protection

Landlord Supplemental Protection (LSP)

Our program helps reduce financial risk including recovery of damage costs exceeding the deposit, collections, and evictions. The Property owners are essentially able to secure the equivalent of an amped up double deposit on their properties. It Minimizes Capital Outlay to Investors who cannot afford to pay large sums of cash towards Fungi, Bed Bug or Property Damage. Mitigates high deductible tenant damage to property Insurance Programs.


Program Highlights Include

  • Loss of Lease Income Due to Skip
  • Fungi and Bacteria Remediation
  • Bed Bug Remediation
  • Pet Damage Coverage
  • Insufficient Security Deposit
  • Involuntary Unemployment Insurance
  • Family Medical Leave Coverage
  • Easy Web Based System Available 24/7
  • Monthly Net Billed Invoicing with daily prorate calculations
  • Insurance Certificates printed at your desk top.
  • No Underwriting
  • Online Status Report Providing a Listing of All Polices.
  • Available to Property Managers and Investors in all states (except New York)
  • Managed all in our Dallas Office including Claims.